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A Wordpress blog, on which I post about life, technology, and stuff


Irresponsible Wednesday

The second wednesday of every month

Just, go look at the website.


Wedding website designed by Greta

I got married to Greta in August 2014! This is a wordpress site that we put together to celebrate and commemorate the occasion! / /

This site!

This site has been around since 2000, when I created a school project on Riparian Areas.

Check out an evolution of this site over time, if you're interested.

Spare Game Codes

Sometimes I get codes for games I don't play. So I post them here.

Not in here. Follow the link, silly.

XKCD-Inspired student homepage for Lawrence University

This page was last updated in 2011, but was my idea of what a real student portal for a university should look like. I know I used it a lot to find out when meals were, or how late the health center was open.


Four Googles on one Page! Shut down by Google's Lawyers. was four iframes of Google on one page. Started by my good friend Alex Sowieja and I, this site went viral thanks to an anonymous post on the site My Life is Average.

Back in its heyday was getting upwards of 1.5 million views in a month, but then Google sent us a cease and desist for using their name in the url, so we moved to, which never quite reached the same popularity and eventually went offline.

Featured on:

Really, it was just four iframes on a static HTML page, but to all those 50k daily visitors, it was magic.


  • Alex Sowieja

My Photography Blog

Mostly high school, last updated in 2011

Sometime in high school, I bought a Sony α200 camera, and took a bunch of pictures with it. Selections are hosted on this blog.

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