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Ludum Dare 2015: Focus Locus

Defend America using lenses and light! Built in 72 hours for Ludum Dare.

Ryan and I put this together for Ludum Dare 32. It's pretty fun, lacking a bit of polish, but the videos are great (thanks Dad!) and only takes about 10 minutes to beat. Enjoy!


  • Coquette.js


  • Ryan McVerry (Co-Developer)
  • Jorge Seidel (Actor)
  • Greta Seidohl (Testing and Advice)

Osacian Escape

A game I made in place of a comic for Lost in Space #43

A pared-down version of a game that I'm working on about exploring the galaxy. In this version, you have to outwit or outshoot the alien guards and make it to an escape pod. This was done in place of a comic on Lost in Space

There's definitely a memory leak (or something) so it slows down after a bit. But I still consider it pretty good for a solo project over just one weekend!


Who should you worship?

I built this on a flight from Denver to L.A. It generates a deity and five commandments from that deity. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's nonsensical, sometimes it's contradictory.

Definitely needs a facelift but I only had about two hours to build it :P

A game about distinguishing YouTube comments and Cthulu worshippers

Can you tell the difference between a (real!) YouTube comment and a Lovecraft reference?



  • Evan Conway
  • Cea Stapleton
  • Julia Heller
  • Max Mogavero
  • Daniel Goetz
  • Eileen Rohaly
  • Peter Thurlow
  • Phillip Jindra
  • Christopher Owen
  • Ryan Kessler
  • Jack Walstrom

#Magic​Item​Prefixes Weapon Generator

Pulls data from twitter using #MagicItemPrefixes for hilarious results.

Who doesn't want a "So-called +2 Dagger"?


Shibe (Doge) Translator

Translate from English to Shibe! Such translate, very wow.

In September 2013, my friend Julian and I went on a road trip to surprise our significant others by showing up at their door a thousand miles away without telling them.

Anyway I wrote this thing while I was bored in the car. It translates from English to doge


A Pelko Timer based on the fictional Pelko Method

The Pelko Method was invented in 2012 by fictional CEO Brad Bradstone. I created a really basic Pelko app using jQuery to try the satirical technique myself.


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